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Boston, MA


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because sometimes life just needs a pause button.


An online community for storytellers and memory keepers.

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I’m a photographer, who became a mama on a mission to celebrate and document the magic and fleetingness of time.

You get it, you’re witnessing life evolve in front of your eyes too. You’re looking back on your life and can’t believe how fast it has all seemed to fly by. You’re buried under piles of photos and have a to do list a mile long of “projects” you have hoped to tackle to organize and document your life story. You want to leave a legacy in this world for future generations, but you feel like there is not enough time to do it.

What if you had a magical remote where you could pause time for as long as you needed to? During that pause, you would see the beauty in the mundane. Suddenly the ordinary moments would become magical. You would learn how to savor present relationships, share the stories of your past, and leave a legacy for future generations.

That’s what this project is. Yes, a magical unicorn of a remote control. You can roll your eyes if you want to. Or, I challenge you to dig deeper and spend some time with the content I will be sharing with you through this Project. I’ve spent the past two years figuring out ways to pause and have watched the beauty unfold before my very eyes -- even through loss, hardships and a whole lot of mess!

Join me on my mission to live life to its fullest and celebrate the magic in between. I’m constantly learning new ways to make documenting life more fun, efficient, and tangible. I cannot wait to help you preserve your legacy using some of the trick’s I’ve discovered along the way!

Kiera Liu || Founder of the Frame of Life Project

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